Do you travel?

Yes, our Scottsdale area makeup artists and wedding stylists do travel. It’s standard in the industry for us to come to the bride on her wedding day.
When you meet our booking minimum (5+ adults for makeup and hair), there’s no additional trip fee.
However, if you don’t meet our minimum (Bride+4 adults for makeup and hair), a trip fee of $100 per artist will be added to your invoice for locations 1-40 miles from Le Beige Beauty studio.
For locations beyond that, here are the trip fees per artist:
• 41-50 miles: $150
• 51-90 miles: $225
• 91-120 miles: $295
• 120+ miles: The trip fee will be customized for the client.

How many artists will be at the wedding? Would that be just one artist or two?

The number of artists at the wedding depends on:
• The size of the bridal party;
• The desired start time.
We include one to two artists in each wedding package. Any additional artist beyond that incurs a fee of $200

Will there be the same makeup artist and hair stylist for the trial and the wedding day?

Yes, absolutely! Our wedding makeup services team always assigns the same Scottsdale based makeup artist and hair stylist for both the trial and the wedding day. Rest assured, we have a large team of top artists, and in case of any unforeseen emergencies, like illness or hospitalization, we will provide a replacement makeup artist promptly. Our Scottsdale team will even arrange for a complimentary trial with the replacement artist to ensure you’re completely satisfied!

How much is a deposit?

To secure your date with us, we require a $800 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applied toward your final payment.

Is a trial a separate payment from a deposit?

Yes, the trial is a separate payment from the deposit. The deposit is paid to secure your wedding day. Once the trial is scheduled and confirmed, we will send you an invoice for the trial payment.

Can I pay in small increments every month?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to return to the invoice and make payments in small increments each month as you prefer.

When is my invoice due?

Your invoice is due 60 days before the wedding. We understand that you have many wedding vendors and invoices to manage, so we aim to alleviate the stress of the final payment by ensuring it’s due ahead of time.

What if I would like to add more people to my bridal party after the 60 days mark?

Adding more people to your bridal party after the 60-day mark is absolutely fine. We will promptly send you an invoice for the additional services, with payment due on the same day.

If I would like a touch up later in a day. How does that work?

If you’d like a touch-up later in the day, we offer a one-hour touch-up service at $200. If you also want a hairstyle change during the touch-up, there would be an additional charge for the new hairstyle.

When do you recommend scheduling my trial?

We recommend scheduling your trial two to three months before your wedding day to ensure everything remains fresh in your memory. Based on our experience, when brides book their trials four to nine months before the wedding day, they often change their minds about their hairstyle and schedule a second trial.

How long does it usually take for a trial?

A trial typically takes up to 1.5 hours. If it’s a makeup and hair trial, two artists will be working with you. If it’s just a makeup or hair trial, it still takes about the same amount of time.

Do I need to have any inspo pictures?

We recommend bringing inspo pictures for the trial. This helps our makeup artists in Scottsdale to understand your preferences. If you have pictures of styles you don’t like, that’s helpful too. It ensures we can provide you with the best results.

Do you recommend getting a facial done?

We highly recommend getting a facial, especially a Hydra Facial. Schedule it one to two days before the trial and again one to two days before the wedding day. It helps make your skin plump and radiant, ensuring a smooth and flawless foundation application.

I’m thinking about hair extensions. How does that work?

If you decide to go for hair extensions, there will be an additional fee of $99 for installation, along with a rental fee of $399, $200 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will be returned once you return the hair extensions within 5 days after the trial and 1-5 days right after the wedding. Please note that if the hair extensions are not returned within the specified timeframe, the deposit will not be refunded.

Are lashes included?

Absolutely! We exclusively do individual lashes only. They are custom applied to suit your eye shape, are super lightweight (unlike strip lashes that can get heavy on your eyes within 3-4 hours after application), you will not have a fear of lashes popping out in the inner corner like strip lashes might, your eyes will not look tired and red.

We provide individual lashes not only for the bride but also for everyone in the bridal party. Our artists can create a range of lash looks, from soft and natural to full glam styles.

When do you recommend for everyone to be ready?

We always highly recommend completing hair & makeup services 30 min before a photographer arrives. When a photographer arrives before Hair & Makeup has been completed it creates A LOT OF RUSH.

With everyone being done 30min before a photographer comes helps your wedding day go smooth and stress free. And we always have the best feedback from our brides with this type of schedule.

Can I do a trial first before committing?

Absolutely! Plus to that we’ll have your date on a soft hold with the same artists till after the trial. Once you’ll book after the trial we will take artists from soft hold to solid booking.

Can I do more than one hairstyle at the trial?

Yes! However we recommend to cut your options down to two hairstyles.

I’m thinking about doing a spray tan for my wedding. Do you recommend a spray tan for the trial as well?

Yes! As it will help you see the whole look together at the trial.

Can I spray tan my face too?

We advise against spray tanning your face. The spray tan solution can dry out your skin and make it difficult for foundation to layer smoothly.

What brands are your artists working on?

To work with us our artists are required to have 95% professional (Makeup Forever, Mac), high-end (Tarte, Rare Beauty, Too Faced, Fenty Beauty, Nars etc.) and luxurious (Dior, Chanel, Estée Lauder etc.) brands in their kit.

Do you offer any specials?

We sure do!
50% OFF
When booking 9+ adults for makeup and hair The Bride gets her wedding day makeup and hair services 50% OFF.

When booking 12+ adults for makeup and hair The Bride gets wedding day makeup and hair services COMPLIMENTARY

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